You Are Your Best Brand

You Are Your Best Brand

By Jerald Council,

The most important brand you own is you. And trust me, your brand is evolving each and every day. In fact, I believe that everything you say, do or see can affect your brand. You improve your brand each time you seek new experiences. These experiences sharpen your awareness and help shape the person you are today.

We are born as unique individuals with distinctive characteristics and personalities developed over time. This is what differentiates you from those who can be seen as your competitors. Think before you speak because your words can influence your brand.

Self-worth is a valuable asset. Believe in your abilities and love who you are. Be a doer. Helping someone in need benefits them and increases your self-esteem. Showing loyalty to a cause reveals an act of kindness and builds your brand’s credibility.


I’ve always taught my three sons the value of self-worth.

From left to right: Nick, Jerald, Nate and Jerold

Find the right mindset. You must see yourself as a special individual. This may mean separating from those who think of you as less than capable. Years ago, one of my sons was called the N-word, which hurt his feelings. I told him words are just words until you put meaning to them. I said, you are powerful and your self-worth has more value that any words could.

Lastly, but most important, is observation. A picture is worth a thousand words. People watch you. They respond positively to a credible and confident image. That confidence affirms your identity. As your brand, there is an outer package that wraps all your distinct features, skills, passions and intellect together. Your overall look completes your brand, so it’s important to pay close attention to how you dress your product.

Life experiences shape people’s beliefs, philosophies and perspectives differently. Nonetheless, you are your best brand. Treat yourself with the utmost care. Nourish your intellect, cultivate your character and push your creativity to be the best you. After all, you are the brand.

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