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What inspires you?

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During Thanksgiving I took a trip to my childhood hometown of Goldsboro, N.C. I went there to visit family for the holiday. I also went home for another reason – to shoot a short film about hunting.

Inspired to make independent films and multimedia content, I grabbed my DSLR camera and recruited my older brother who is passionate about hunting and fishing. I also recruited my younger brother who flew his phantom drone to capture cinematic footage from the sky.

Modern-day videographers, cinematographers, producers and directors have found new life as emerging technology has made equipment more affordable and accessible. Today’s DSLRs, camcorders and phone cameras capture unbelievable 4K-quality imagery. Drones have become an essential part of cinematography and editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro produce Hollywood-level films on your desktop. These applications changed how we tell stories and have opened the door to an array of aspiring filmmakers.

A creative mind has no limitation
— Jerald Council

The invention of motion picture cameras in the 1890s gave life to filmmaking. The top three grossing silent films in the United States were The Birth of a Nation (1915), The Big Parade (1925) and Ben-Hur (1925). This was a challenging time for filmmakers because silent films required tremendous imagination and creative directing.

I’m a self-taught filmmaker with years of experience as a fashion photographer, publisher and creative director. All of my skills have naturally guided me to this newfound passion. To further my creative pursuits, I will be launching a new team project in 2018 called Council Cinematics. Most of our work will reside at www.councilcinematics.com. Details to come soon.

Reinventing yourself takes time. Doing something you love takes effort. I say, find what inspires you and make the time to fall in love all over again.

By Jerald Council, Founder and Creative Director of Councilmag.com

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