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The allure of travel

 The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

There is something magical about getting on a plane. Yes, traveling by air these days can be complicated. Airline passengers traveling with their comfort pets are at odds with airline carriers lately. Weather delays can leave passengers stranded.  But for me, getting on a plane is magical.

Until recently, I was last on a plane two years ago – and sadly, I was traveling for a funeral. My trips the last two years have been by car or train. I could throw clothes into a bag and go. But traveling by plane requires planning. It’s meticulous. Traveling by plane elicits adventure and excitement.

To me, that’s the power of travel.

Travel allows you to step out of your pattern. By changing course, you can get out of a rut, you can jumpstart a new routine or even relieve stress.

Traveling is all those things to me. I like to travel to explore new cultures and cuisines and gain new perspective. Traveling within the United States is great because there is so much to see, but it’s also fun to leave the country to explore – and get those stamps on your passport.

I first tasted limoncello 10 years ago at a restaurant in Florence, Italy. I didn’t know it existed until that moment. The memory of that first sip came rushing back to me when I had limoncello years later.

I truly believe travel can be restorative for the soul. According to Smarter Travel, travel gives you the space to reflect on major life events or find comfort after the death of a loved one. It’s also a way to escape from everyday stresses. When I traveled to Turks & Caicos a few years ago, it was so nice to not check email or text messages. I have a habit of checking work email when I’m off. I couldn’t do that while in Turks – and for that moment in time, I was at peace.

I’m hoping to log some airline miles in the coming months – and add some photos to my digital photo scrapbook. These photos allow me to fondly remember where I’ve been and recall the indelible impression the trip left on me.

I travel to see, touch, feel, explore and learn. Why do you travel?

Nicole L. Gill, Digital Content Editor, Councilmag.com