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Embrace the authentic you

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On Jan. 1, 2018, I created a personal list to help me become a better person. I listed four areas of my life I thought needed improvement. I share this in the hope of inspiring you to embrace the authentic you.

This list hangs on my wall at work and is taped to my desk at home. It’s my commitment to me.

1.    Mental:
• Think positively.
• Stay focused on main goals BUT solve small distractions as they occur or they will block or slow my progress.
• Take a 10-minute meditation break every day.

2.    Physical:
• Reach 10,000 steps five days a week.
• Manage my weight.
• Eat healthier.

3.    Financial:
• Launch new business, Council Cinematics.
• Reduce outstanding debt.
• Spend less.

4.    Spiritual:
• Pray every day; be thankful for life.
• Respect the viewpoints of others.
• Listen more; talk less.

People who embrace their true selves often become the trailblazers of tomorrow. Successful leaders identify with strong personal characteristics such as confidence, passion, patience and authenticity.
I hope you can take aspects of my list and construct your own. Once you have identified your goals, you then can embrace the authentic you.

— Jerald Council, Founder of Councilmag.com

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