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Ideas by any means necessary

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Transformation is the “it” word for companies forcing change in their daily business operations. Transparency, empowerment and experimentation are encouraged throughout all levels of the organization. Adapting to the digital revolution has opened the door to a new generation of leaders seeking ideas by any means necessary.

Today, groups such as Ideation360, tandemseven and IDEO offer design-thinking processes to help generate innovative concepts and products. They focus on the needs of the user by solving problems with breakthrough ideas.

I have read and researched various content on transformation and its impact on companies. There are failures and successes when implementing massive change. One of the struggles is reprogramming the entrenched habits of current management and employees. However, if the result is building a team of thoughtful innovators, it’s well worth the effort.

The book, Ideation: The Birth and Death of Ideas by Douglas Graham and Thomas T. Bachmann, lists methods of innovation. Here are a few:

1.  Problem solution is the simplest method of progress, where someone has found a problem and as a result, solves it.
2.  Derivative idea involves taking something that already exists and changing it.
3.  Symbiotic idea is when multiple ideas are combined, using different elements of each to make a whole.
4.  Revolutionary idea breaks away from traditional thought, creating an entirely new perspective.

 Graham and Bachmann's definition offers distinct ways ideas can evolve to ignite innovative and transformative results. Whether you agree or disagree with the numerous techniques, methods or procedures on the market today, one fact remains: Ideas are in demand by any means necessary.

— Jerald Council, Founder and Creative Director






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