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Born gifted and perceptive

As a creative director, I am sometimes asked how I conceive highly effective design solutions for various creative assignments. My answer is always the same: I was born gifted and perceptive.

I believe individuals with heightened creativity have an innate talent that is cultivated very early in life. As a child, I was exceedingly creative in various ways. Ideas and solutions came easy to me, and as a result, my mom supported my many expressions of creativity by encouraging and nurturing all that I attempted to do. My creative expressions included starting a five-member band called the “Junk Yard Band.” Our instruments were two sets of old plastic buckets, a car muffler, trashcan lids and a water hose that replicated the sound of a trumpet. We entered high school talent shows and played in many venues around our hometown. Now, that’s a creative imagination.

My view of the world always has included a healthy dose of perception. I believe this increased sense gave me insight to enrich my creativity. Having the ability to use senses to acquire information about people, situations and the surrounding environment, is a powerful resource. My reliance on perception is inescapable. It served me well as a child and it helps shape my success today.

I believe everyone is born with purpose. Finding your specific purpose will help reveal your natural talent. Once you have identified your natural talents, you can further develop them by attaining additional experience or formal training.

And of course, surround yourself with thoughtful individuals supportive of your success. However, if you ask me how I came up with those amazing design solutions, I’ll just say: I was born gifted and perceptive.

– By Jerald Council, Founder of Councilmag.com