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Blah, blah, blah. Just wear it!

Here is what’s great about choices. You have them.

You can choose to shop at any clothing retailer on the planet. You can purchase any piece of clothing within your price range. And you have the freedom to wear anything you deem fashionable.

Yup! Free will.

Your personal style allows you to mix and match any combination of clothing or accessories that suits your needs.

Long gone are the days when the fashion cops decided what works for everyone. We live in a new era where individual style rules.

For those who have not yet found their personal style, there is still hope. According to GalaDarling.com, here are five ways to define your own personal style:

1. Dedicate time to think about a new look.
2. Write out a rough style concept.
3. Take pictures of your daily outfits.
4. Experiment with clothes from friends to see what might work for you.
5. Purchase a notebook to start your own look book. 

Although we still enjoy checking out extravagant red carpet attire, it is more satisfying to purchase a combination of outfits chosen by you. Only you can identify the one hat, skinny jean or blouse that best fits your taste.

Your creativity can be expressed in many ways. There are no constraints to limit your choice of colors, sizes or textures.

Don’t allow the fashion police to tell you what’s hot. Don’t listen to friends who criticize your unique flair and over-the-top appeal. You could be the next Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry.

Personal style is how we choose to differentiate and express our individuality. What you wear shows the world that your fashion intellect is alive and well and that you have command of who you are. Never let naysayers dim your fashion sensibility. Whether your style is Goth, swag or hip-hop, remember the only person who matters when it comes to dressing you … is you.

Don’t mind the haters. Freedom of expression is a right. Using it is your choice. I suggest you do and ... just wear it, baby!

— By Jerald Council, Founder of Councilmag.com

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