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Trials and Tribulations

 My vehicle was totaled while driving 55 mph on the interstate.

My vehicle was totaled while driving 55 mph on the interstate.

A few weeks ago I was in a terrible car accident. I survived it and now I wish to share my thoughts with you.
While driving 55 mph on Interstate 495, also known as the D.C. beltway, I was violently struck from behind. The impact sent my vehicle into an out-of-control counterclockwise rotation. Halfway through the spin, I slammed into the shoulder crash barrier causing the side curtain airbags to deploy. I hit the crash barrier with such force that the vehicle rolled backward at 55 mph on the beltway.

As I cried out for God’s protection, the vehicle continued its counterclockwise spin and completed a full 360-degree rotation before coming to a sudden stop.

I then pushed open the door and crossed the highway to assist an injured driver involved in the accident.
Although I was injured, I survived the accident that totaled my BMW SUV on one of the nation’s busiest interstates.

In 2016, there were 128,525 total crashes in Virginia, which resulted in 761 fatalities. 

Death rates compared

Source: Virginia Motor Vehicle Statistics (1981-2016)

I’m sure you know someone who was involved in a recent car accident. The psychological effect of surviving a car crash can last forever. However, I believe I’m still here to fulfill a mission. That mission has yet to be revealed.

Life's trials and tribulations test our patience and endurance in ways that only make us wiser and stronger. I’ve learned that life is a gift that can be taken away at any time. Ultimately, the lesson here is to live more, stress less.

– Jerald CouncilFounder and Creative Director of Councilmag.com


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