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Step aside please

Have you ever met someone who stood in his or her own way? They have dreams of being accomplished but continually fall short. They unknowingly block their own success and deny themselves personal growth, acceptance, promotion, happiness and a host of other life rewards.

I believe everyone has a natural talent. Some master their talents at a young age and others grow into their talents later in life. Either way, opportunities will occur when the need to showcase those innate abilities are required.

Will you be ready? Or will you stand in your own way by exhibiting self-defeating behaviors? Have you prepared properly? Did you strengthen your base of knowledge by retooling, researching or taking actions to get positive results?

No one is stopping you from being successful. It takes the aspiration and desire to go the extra mile. You must think like winners do to achieve success. According to Inc. 500 entrepreneur and best-selling author Kevin Daum, here are a few traits winners share:

1. Winners get in the game.
2. Winners boldly ask for what they want.
3. Winners relentlessly self-promote.
4. Winners pursue the awesome experience.

Instead of making excuses and feeling left behind, get proactive and prepare for opportunities by seeking the expertise to expand your marketability. In Dr. Mark Goulston’s 1996 book titled, “Get Out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior,” he writes numerous chapters defining self-defeating behaviors such as procrastination, playing it safe, holding a grudge, trying to change others, inaction, envy, anger, self-pity, taking things too personally, quitting too soon, letting fear run your life, leaving too much to chance and more.

Life is full of obstacles that try to keep you from pursuing your dreams. Why should you stand in your own way? I say, step aside, please. Be courageous and grow your knowledge base. You already have the talent, so let’s reset your objectives. That starts when you get out your own way!

— By Jerald Council, Founder of Councilmag.com

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