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D.C.’s first urban winery

District Winery, the first winery in the nation’s capital, made its debut along the Anacostia River in August. The winery features a tasting bar, on-site winemaking and a seasonal restaurant – Ana – named after the river flowing outside its door. Want to know more? Tours of the facility begin in December.  By CouncilMag.com

We are excited to join The Yards and grow within it.
— John Stires, District Winery co-founder

"District Winery offers a unique opportunity to experience urban winemaking, stellar cuisine, and a variety of full-service events, all under one roof," said Brian Leventhal, one of the co-founders.

Urban winemaking is the same as traditional wineries in terms of quality, said winemaker Conor McCormack. 

"One big advantage is that we can highlight multiple growing regions by applying careful fruit sourcing and variety selection for the grapes we bring in. Other than that, space and logistics are also unique," he said.

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Grapes will be sourced from small-batch growers throughout the U.S.

District Winery will pour its first wine produced on site in 2018, the winery said. To start, the wine at the Yards Park location comes from Leventhal and John Stires' Brooklyn Winery, which increased production to accommodate the needs of the D.C. venue.

"I hope people will say that District Winery is a great addition to the DC food and wine scene," said Stires.


Winemaker Conor McCormack